Nurturing body and mind

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Coaching you to better health

At Island Wellness we care about nurturing your body and mind. We aim at improving your emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and intellectual wellness through our holistic wellness programs in Singapore.


Form an intimate connection with your body and mind through our three pillars - nutrition, fitness and mental-health.


Your body is all you got. Treat it right, treat it well, because your wellness matters.

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We are a one stop wellness company based in Singapore.


Our aim is to help people achieve physical and mental well being through fitness, nutrition and corporate wellness programs.


At Island Wellness, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. Our highly experienced and certified team of coaches can travel to your home, office or conduct the session virtually at your convenience. We provide tailor-made programs for corporate, private and group settings.

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Nutrition is the fuel for life and the key to enduring vitality. Good nutrition is essential to reach and maintain a healthy weight, improve your physical and mental well being, and reach peak performance. Our nutrition coaching provides you with a unique combination of a personally tailored nutrition program and support to instigate change, achieve your goals and nourish your vitality. Learn more

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Beyond weight loss, muscle gain and body toning, engaging in fitness coaching may help alleviate work-related stress and improve overall quality of life too. Not only does it increase accountability, fitness coaching provides  you with the structure, variety and access to a supportive community.


Whether you are looking for private coaching with a personal fitness trainer in Singapore or group fitness classes like Pilates, Yoga or HIIT, you can count on us to come up with a personalized fitness plan for you. Hold your exercises classes anywhere you want in Singapore, even in the comfort of your own home.  Learn more

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The online mental well-being program is designed to help you peel off layers of limiting beliefs, negative patterns and old programming - empowering you to unleash happiness from within. Learn to find happiness in your everyday life no matter what obstacles you may be facing. Develop coping skills for day to day stressors and make decisions that bring happiness and success into your life. Learn more

Employee Wellness program and Managing Employee Health ,


Employees spend most of their time in their work environment, so staying in good health is vital for the company. A healthy mind and body will lead to improved productivity, reduce absenteeism and turnover, reduce health care costs, increasing employees' level of physical activity, reducing workers' compensation costs and improving employees' health habits. Not only does a proper health and wellness plan benefit the employees, it also significantly benefits the business.

Employee wellness should always be at the forefront of every company. With a good workplace health promotion in plan, it boosts the morales of employees, knowing that their health and wellness is in good hands.


Our corporate wellness programs include talks, workshops and fitness classes in offices or at your favourite location. 

Learn more



Clement Ng

Very engaging instructor who clearly knows her stuff. She challenged us appropriately, while ensuring our safety. Would definitely recommend to people for all skill levels.

Isabelle Castillo

Nicholas is a very professional coach. He has a great knowledge of fitness and has been able to adapt the exercises to fit our condition and age.

Kirrilee Hudges

Melanie works hard to build rapport with her students and to really understand their health issues. Her classes are well-structured and offer different options. I can't recommend Island Wellness enough! Super happy customer here!!

Jill Choo

Thank you for the wonderful class! My clients really enjoyed the high energy moves and music!

Navvab Ramirez

High intensity, efficient and well organised. He was great at motivating us and giving immediate feedback as he monitored our form whilst doing the exercises.

Shania Kesume

The instructor is very friendly and observant! Previously, my body posture was not great but I feel that has improved a lot after 10 sessions of Pilates. Highly recommend!


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