Best Gyms for Strength Training in Singapore

Updated: Feb 8

Strength training Singapore experts agree that whether you want to get in shape, lose weight, or improve your overall health, strength training should definitely be part of your fitness routine.

During the pandemic, almost a third of Singaporeans noted weight gain, a survey finds. This is mainly because of the closing of gyms and the sedentary lifestyle they adopted from working from home.

But with the recent opening of gyms, strength training Singapore fitness buffs are recommending everybody to resume a fitness routine.

Whether you prefer to do it at home or at a gym, with a coach or on your own, we have rounded up the best strength training exercises that you can do on your own and the best strength training gyms in Singapore that will help you achieve your body goals and overall well-being.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Strength Training?

Strength training is an activity where you exercise a specific group of muscles against some form of external resistance. These resistance exercises can be in the form of your own body weight, free weights or weight machines. These exercises help improve muscle strength.

Not only does strength training improve muscle strength, but it also aids in fat loss. As we age, metabolism slows down, causing us to deposit more fat in places where the muscles lose their leanness.

Strength training maintains muscle mass and prevents fat deposits. The burn that comes with strength training also keeps calories at bay and increases your metabolism.

What Are The Best Strength Training Exercises?

Among thousands of workouts, these 5 best strength training exercises, if mastered and done correctly, will not only reduce injury but will also affect maximum change into your body.

They are simple and can be done in different variations to suit your fitness level. Some are even strength training that you can do at home without equipment.

  1. Squats

Squats are one of the best strength training exercises out there. Squats work the muscles of your thigh, legs, and hips. It also strengthens the core, your spine and the back.

It can be done with weights such as barbells to increase the intensity. It is also one of the best strength training exercises that you can do at home without equipment. Different variations include bodyweight squats for beginners and barbell squats for trained individuals.

  1. Push Up

Push ups involve pressing up your body from an immobile barrier such as the wall for beginners or the floor or the bar for advanced trainees. It works the upper body and also the core while it tries to align and protect the spine.

There are variations to this exercise depending on your fitness level. Push up is one of the best strength training exercises you can do at home without equipment.

  1. Bench Press

Bench press strengthens your shoulder, chest and arms muscles when you push up weights with an extended arm on top of your chest. Essentially, it is like a push up but without stress on the core and spine since it will be supported on the bench.

  1. Lunges

Another great strength exercise is lunges. Mastering lunges will improve the strength of the thigh, leg, and hip muscles. There are many variations to lunges as well and can be modified to your level. You essentially lower yourself with one leg bent forward and then alternate with another leg.

  1. Deadlifts

Deadlifting is constantly ranked as one of the 5 best strength training exercises because it involves almost all major muscle groups in the body in one seemingly simple movement. It is a combination of doing squats and pulling on weight, therefore training muscles of both the upper and lower body.

When done correctly and consistently, it helps tone the body, makes you lose fat faster, and helps you build strength.

What Type Of Training Is Best For Strength?

Before delving on what type of training is best for strength, you first have to figure out your end goal.

Do you want to bulk up? Do you want strength but stay lean? Do you want to lose fat in the shortest period of time? Are you an athlete that wants to enhance speed and strength?

There are literally hundreds of strength training exercises you can do but there are strength training workout routines that are designed for your specific goal.

What Are The Types Of Strength Training?

  1. Powerlifting Strength training

Powerlifting is an advanced type of strength training where multiple muscle groups are utilised in doing a set of exercises.

This type of strength training involves lifting weights in deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. These exercises improve the strength of the upper body, legs, and back.

Powerlifting is great if you want to achieve maximum strength and if you want to get leaner muscles and faster burning of fats.

  1. Isolation Training

Isolation training involves using only one joint of your body and utilising 1 or 2 groups of muscles. This training helps you focus on developing the target muscle you want to enhance.

Examples of Isolation training are biceps curls, chest flys, machine crunches, hamstring curls, leg extensions and many more.

Isolation training is great for those who want to go into bodybuilding or just to get more muscle mass on specific parts of their body. Isolation training is also great for those recovering from injury or immobilized by other diseases.

  1. Total Circuit Training

As the name suggests, Total Circuit Training strengthens the whole body. The training is a combination of isolation exercises (curls, flys, etc) and compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts, which target the whole body.

The movement has to be done in a certain number of repetitions with a few seconds of rest after each set.

Total Circuit Training is ideal for every level and for those who have limited time in the gym but want to get results. Total Circuit Training also doesn't involve a lot of equipment.

  1. Explosive Dynamic Training

One of the 4 types of strength training is Explosive Dynamic Training. It combines strength and speed to build quick and explosive power.

Examples of these types of strength training include sprints, agility drills, weighted/ dynamic step ups. Athletes such as in cycling, court sports, track and field, and football can benefit from explosive dynamic training.

Best Strength Training Gyms In Singapore

Okay, so far we have covered the 5 best strength training exercises and the 4 types of strength training.

Strength training Singapore fitness gurus cannot stress enough the need for properly doing the exercises to avoid injuries and to get the maximum effect of strength training. Hence, it is important to get a trainer and visit a gym to teach you about proper techniques for your fitness level and acquaint you with the machines that you might need.

These best strength training gyms in Singapore have recently opened its doors to help you achieve your fitness goals:

  1. The Pit Singapore

Strength training Singapore coaches in this gym boast competition titles under their belts from their time as athletes.

They are passionate about sharing their knowledge about strength training in fun and creative ways for every level of fitness. They use training methods that have been tested through the years and in their own training before competitions.

Address: 123 Devonshire Rd Singapore 239883

Contact: / +65 6222 4860


Grit Yard’s programme focuses on 5 pillars of human body functional output - Strength, Power, Agility, Core and Endurance. Aptly called the SPACE programme, they promise to train the body as a whole to get maximum results for your fitness goal.

The Grit Yard gym offers a spacious 3000 square yard for everyone who wants their personal space while exercising. The founders and the trainers in Grit Yard Gym are previous athletes who have years of practical experience in strength training.

Address: 2 College Road, Level 2, Singapore 169850


Gym Brigade

One of the best gyms for strength training in Singapore, Gym Brigade gym prides on their No Frills, No Discrimination, and No Judgement atmosphere that they give to their trainees in their gym. This is great for people who are nervous about entering a gym for the first time.

They make your strength training sessions comfortable and fun whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete. They have a special training called Strongman which is an unconventional strength training.

Address: 369 Upper Paya Lebar Rd Singapore 534968

Contact: +65 8817 1303

Strength Avenue

Strength Avenue offers group lessons, private coaching, and semi-private coaches. Each of these classes involves different exercises.

Group lessons offer bodyweight basics, kettlebell and barbell fundamentals and intermediate classes. Private classes offer personalised strength training classes, some martial arts, and powerlifting according to your schedule with your preferred coach. Semi-private classes are for independent trainees. They will train in a group setting but with unique programs provided by an app, with a coach’s supervision.

Strength Avenue is consistently one of the best gyms for strength training in Singapore.

Address: 57 Boat Quay #03-00, Singapore 049846

Contact: +65 8803 9872 /

Strength Yard

Their tagline is Strength Training made easy. Founded by two school friends, their gym promises a no-nonsense environment where everybody - from beginners to advanced lifters- can learn comfortably side by side in their science-based programs. These programs ease each student into progression to develop their strength.

Address: 369 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427614

Contact: / +6569097449


Strength training has been proven to help the body not only to gain strength, but also to lose weight, improve physical fitness, and also improve overall health. There are many types of strength training exercises and types of strength training for every goal and every level of your fitness.

There are strength training exercises that you can do at home without equipment while there are other exercises that have to be done in the gym.

Regardless, strength training Singapore coaches and trainers are necessary at some point to teach you proper techniques to reduce injury and also to maximise the result of your training.

Whether you’re looking for a private coach or interested in doing a group coaching session, Island Wellness offers flexible arrangements, by bringing fitness coaches to your home or office.

Enquire with us for a tailored personal training plan.

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