Best Muay Thai Singapore Gyms

Updated: Mar 6

Singapore is already a hub for mixed martial arts and Muay Thai Singapore gyms are becoming popular.

Whether you’re passionate about martial arts or want to get in shape, or maybe just need to punch and kick something after dealing with an annoying colleague at work, then Muay Thai might be the perfect sport for you. It’s a popular sport that’ll work your entire body as it combines fast punches and kicks.

You probably have a lot of questions right now. Is Muay Thai good for beginners? How much does Muay Thai cost in Singapore? And if you’re using it for self-defence, you may ask, does Muay Thai work in a real fight?

Beyond going to gyms, did you know you can also hire a private Muay Thai coach and even organize a corporate Muay Thai class?

In this blog post, we’ll answer all that plus the origins of Muay Thai, why it’s good for you and we’ll take you to the best Muay Thai Singapore Gyms to start your journey into martial arts.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai, also known as the “art of 8 limbs”, is a sport originating from Thailand. In fact, it’s the country’s National Sport.

The sport trains your body to become a whole battle machine. It’s a close contact sport where you use 8 points of the body to attack and defend. These 8 contact points are the hands, the elbows, both knees, and legs, hence the popular monicker “art of 8 limbs”.

Muay means boxing in the Thai Language. So Muay Thai literally means Thai Boxing. The traditional form of Muay Thai was based on hand to hand combat but as the martial arts evolved, it incorporated the other limbs to the techniques for what we now know as modern Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Techniques

Muay Thai techniques are divided into three categories: attack, defence, and counter. Muay Thai demands a lot of practice, repeating the movements a lot of times until they’re ingrained in muscle memory.

Learning the fundamental stance and movement in Muay Thai is the first step. The torso is maintained straight with the chin tucked in, the hands in a defensive stance to shield the head, and the feet are shoulder-width apart.

Right-handed people must place their left foot slightly forward and their right feet at a 45-degree angle to face outward. Southpaws or left-handed people do it backwards, with their right foot towards the front. This stance enables the boxer to maintain balance while striking or defending when necessary.

After learning the stance, a learner then practices the main techniques in Muay Thai. They’re punching, elbow, kicking, knee, foot thrust, clinch and neck wrestling.

Muay Thai Benefits

Muay Thai isn’t only practised by professionals today but more and more people also discover the benefits of Muay Thai in improving strength, toning the body, improving mental health, learning self-defence, and losing weight.

1. Muay Thai is great for Burning Calories and Toning the Body

A 60 to 90-minute session can burn up to 1,200 calories. This sport involves intense work out of the whole body therefore it helps you burn fats and also tone the body while getting stronger and more flexible.

The explosive and rigorous twisting movements of the upper body and hips when you throw punches and kicks need stable core and abs. With constant practice, you’ll very much get toned and strong abs as long as you pair it with a healthy diet.

2. Muay Thai Improves Cardiovascular Health

Muay Thai involves rigorous anaerobic and aerobic exercises that improve not only cardiovascular endurance. Fighters last 5 rounds on the ring because of this.

Although each round only lasts 3-minutes, it’s no joke. The fighters have to constantly move, tense their muscles, and give explosive blows to the opponent when the opportunity strikes.

The aerobic exercises include rope jumping, running, and shadow boxing while anaerobic exercises are kicking, punching, kneeing and elbowing.

3. Muay Thai Benefits Mental Health

Like many sports and exercises, Muay Thai also improves mental health and greatly relieves practitioners of stress. The increase of adrenaline and cortisol during the rigorous exercises in Muay Thai drops after a session and gets replaced with endorphins, the so-called “happy hormones”.

According to studies, those who consistently practise sports or any physical activities report feelings of less anxiety, more confidence, and generally and improved mental wellbeing.

4. Muay Thai and Self Defence

Many have signed up for martial arts not only to strengthen their body or to learn a new sport as a hobby but also to gain knowledge on self-defence. Muay Thai’s a great sport for self-defence because it’s effective and versatile.

Muay Thai trains you to use the 8 points of your body to use as a weapon for self-defence. This sport has all ranges covered, whether it's a long roundhouse kick, a short elbow punch to the chin, or a medium-distance jab.

Does Muay Thai Work in a Real Fight?

Because of the lethal techniques used in Muay Thai, it’s efficient in street fighting especially in close combat.

In Muay Thai, every strike is intended to injure or halt an opponent. A few powerful elbows to the head and chin will render your opponent unconscious. The brutality with which Muay Thai impacts the body is one of the main reasons it’s more useful in street fighting than other kinds of martial arts.

Every day, UFC fighters adopt these strategies to fight in the ring. They utilize them because they’re effective.

In a street battle, Muay Thai has one weakness: if the attacker takes you to the ground. If your enemy who knows Jiu-Jitsu and can take you to the ground, your enemy will almost certainly win, unless you can knock him out first.

Properly practising the Muay Thai techniques such as punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, and clinching will help you win a street fight, but be sure to put your opponent to the ground first.

Is Muay Thai Good for Beginners?

Initially, Muay Thai was only reserved for fighters and competitors. But as many people discover the benefits of the sport for physical and mental well-being, Muay Thai Singapore trainers have catered to those who want to learn the sport regardless of experience, gender, and age.

Some children as young as 4 years old and people as old as 70 years old are learning Muay Thai. You’ll train alongside men and women, too. There are people who used to live sedentary lifestyles as well and just walked straight to a gym and started training.

The only limitation would be if you’ve a disability or heart disease that’ll stop you from doing the Muay Thai techniques and its rigorous training.

But as beginners, you should expect aches and pains all over your body, some bruising, and you probably will be catching your breath a lot after your first few sessions.

To improve your endurance and stamina, running and swimming are great exercises that you can do while you train Muay Thai because they’ll definitely help you last during practices. The sessions usually last between one to two hours and mostly involve running and skipping ropes to develop stamina.

Then you’ll be taught basic Muay Thai techniques like punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeling.

However, you should still see a doctor to make sure if it’s safe for you to practise Muay Thai.

What to look for in a Muay Thai Singapore Gym

When choosing a gym to practise Muay Thai, there are several things to consider:

1. Excellent Instructors

Inspirational, passionate about teaching, excellent combat experience, and pad-holding skills are all qualities of excellent instructors.

Your trainer must be able to push you to continue your training while at the same teaching you the correct techniques to advance quickly. A great instructor also makes sure that you’re safe and comfortable with the pace of training.

An unenthusiastic trainer will not motivate you to continue an already difficult training, even if you have the nicest facilities.

2. Well-maintained gym facilities

A gym that isn't well-maintained and has worn-out equipment can be dangerous. Ankle or toe sprains can be caused by holes in the floor mats, for example. Cuts can also be caused by ripped leather on large punching bags.

Be sure to check the equipment, the floors, and the environment of the gym before choosing one.

3. Cleanliness

There’s no doubt that everyone in a Muay Thai gym will sweat a lot and will probably have a bit of scrape from training, which sounds like a party for a myriad of bacteria.

A good Muay Thai gym has to be disinfected frequently, with all the equipment cleaned, and everyone should be encouraged to sanitise as many times as possible during training.

4. Location

There are several Muay Thai Singapore gyms to choose from in the city so there should be no problem getting into one near you. Choosing a gym close to your location will lessen your excuse of not going to the gym today.

How much does Muay Thai cost in Singapore?

Muay Thai Singapore Gyms can have varied prices depending on what you want to achieve, the reputation of the gym, its trainers, the equipment they use, and how you want your training to be.

Personalised training with top-notch instructors in a well-known gym can understandably cost more but it’ll be worth it.

Some gyms also offer trial sessions for low prices so that you can try out their training and see if it works for you.

You can also opt for weekly or monthly training and gym memberships, which can be cheaper if you intend to practise Muay Thai religiously. A single session of 1 hour can cost $40 on average.

Best Muay Thai Singapore Gyms

1. Evolve MMA

Evolve MMA is Asia’s #1 best martial arts organisation according to various sports authorities such as Fox Sports, CNN, ESPN Sports, Asian MMA, and many more. It consistently produces world champions in many martial arts categories.

In fact, Evolve MMA is the #1 producer of world champions in the world. Their Muay Thai instructors are world champions with a great reputation for teaching students.

Evolve MMA promises safe and encouraging environment for beginners while focusing on proper technique and consistent improvement. Advance learners are guided through advanced techniques to take their skills to the next level.

Muay Thai classes in Evolve MMA can cost from $300 per month. It’s understandably higher than many Muay Thai Singapore gyms; after all, you’re training with world champions in the best martial arts gym in Asia.

2. Jungle MMA

Jungle MMA was founded in 2017 and has since taught countless students about Muay Thai. They’re known for their friendly and thoughtful instructors who make sure that the students are comfortable in their classes.

Their classes are fit for every experience category, whether you’re a nervous beginner or a confident advanced practitioner. Their classes are fun and creative instead of the traditional repetitive Muay Thai exercises.

You can book classes based on your level. Fundamentals are for those who want to perfect the basic skills of Muay Thai. Advanced is a class fit for those who already mastered the Fundamentals and conditioning techniques. Here they’ll teach you proper fighting techniques to win in the sport. Finally, Spar classes let you fight with a fellow trainee.

Jungle MMA is also transparent with its prices. All you need to know about their schedules and prices are right on their website. A session can cost $32.

They have 2 locations in Singapore.

3. Impact MMA

Impact MMA is a gym that boasts training that’s affordable but doesn’t compromise on quality. The gym has produced local and international fighters, the most famous of them being Robert Wee, who remains to be the only Singaporean UFC World Champion to date.

While they offer various mixed martial arts classes, their Muay Thai programmes are also exceptional. They offer a holistic approach to their training.

In addition to their physical conditioning, and developing the most complete skill set possible, their trainers also learn the psychological aspects of the sports from their in-house sports psychologist.

Their rates are $42 for 1 session for walk-in non-members. However, they also have discounted monthly rates for members.

4. FaMA- Fitness and Martial Arts

FaMA provides a combination of fitness training and martial arts to their students in their modern and fully-equipped gym. Their group and personalised classes are great for learners at different levels. They even have Muay Thai sessions for kids! They encourage families to train in their gym, offering them discounts for the sessions.

For beginners who have basic knowledge of striking techniques, they can enrol in Muay Thai Basic Class where they can do minimal contact partner drills, some pad work, and be introduced to basic fighting techniques.

They also offer private classes that will cater to your specific needs. The Little Tigers Muay Thai programme trains kids aged 4-9 years old through play and other fun activities while teaching them Muay Thai.

Their unlimited session costs $60 per day. But they offer a week-long free trial so you and your teacher can gauge your fitness level and place you in a class fit for you.

5. Chowraiooi Muay Thai

Chowraiooi Muay Thai is a gym in Singapore that’s affiliated with the Chowraiooi Gym of Thailand. This is where Adjarhn Chat, Thailand's National Muay Thai Coach, trains. Right now, the Muay Thai Singapore gym is headed by Robert Yap, an experienced Muay Thai Fighter and he continues the practices of their Thai counterpart.

While these may sound intimidating to a newcomer, the gym has a relaxed atmosphere with a dash of comedy and enjoyment. You’ll have a separate class to learn punching and stance if it’s your first time. After that, you can join others to learn other basic techniques. The atmosphere in the classes is usually informal and friendly.

They don’t pressure anyone to sign up for membership packages instead they encourage people to show up and pay per session which usually costs 40 SGD. You can check their website if you’re keen on getting membership packages.


Muay Thai’s an old sport that’s gaining popularity not only among professional fighters but also among the regular folks because of Muay Thai’s benefits to the mind and body. It’s also great for self-defence.

Muay Thai Singapore gyms offer classes for all levels at an affordable cost with their renowned instructors with years of experience in Muay Thai.

Whether you’re looking for a private Muay Thai coach or interested in doing a group coaching session, Island Wellness offers flexible arrangements, by bringing fitness coaches to your home or office.

Enquire with us for a tailored personal training plan.

I hope this article on the best Muay Thai gyms in Singapore will encourage you get started on your fitness and martial arts journey.

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