9 Must-Try (Online) Dance Classes in Singapore

Updated: Feb 20

Whether you want to take on a new hobby, impress your friends with your new moves, or just want to get fit and healthy, learning how to dance is a fun and artsy way to do all those.

There are plenty of dance classes in Singapore and offer different kinds of lessons for every level, whether you want to do it as a sport or learn it as an art.

Benefits Of Dancing - Why You Should Give Dance A Go

Dance has long been part of our DNA. Our ancestors have been using dances in rituals, celebrations, wars, courting and many other things. Over the years, dance has become more of a self-expression and also a good way to socialise with others. Dancing just brings people together when paired with great music.

Any rhythmic movement we do with our body to express ourselves can be a form of dance. Aside from it being a form or expression and a tool for socialisation, dance also has amazing health benefits. Truly, it is one of the fun ways to stay physically and mentally fit.

Dancing involves many different movements and choreography that works the whole body, improving your cardiovascular health, flexibility, and in many dances, strength. In essence, dance can be a workout but a fun one as you memorise steps to the tunes of some great music.

It also boosts your mental health by having your endorphin flow through your brain as you work your body, make friends, and have fun while expressing yourself in dance.

Doing dance classes with your co-workers can also be a great team bonding activity! If you are a company interested in organising an online dance class in Singapore together for your staff, you can always reach out to us at Island Wellness to organize a tailored online dance class program to cater to your company’s needs.

Overall, dance is a fun way to be healthy.

9 Best Dance Classes Singapore Studios You Must Visit

Okay. Yeah. That’s all great, but I am awkward and I have two left feet.

Well, no need to fret! Great news is, whether you are an awkward beginner or a confident advanced dancer, there are many dance classes and studios in Singapore that will make you feel comfortable and will teach you dance in a fun way according to your level.

These studios also offer many different kinds of dance lessons such as salsa, ballet, kpop, hiphop, contemporary and many more. So without further ado, here are our favourite dance classes in Singapore.

  1. Danz People

Danz People, one of Singapore's best dance studios, was founded in 2008. It is home to United Groovers, Junior Groovers, and Mini Groovers.

Hip-hop, freestyle, contemporary, jazz, and street jazz are the main genres taught at the studio. It has classes for all ages and caters to both beginners and experienced dancers.

Don't worry if you don't understand the steps yet; its introductory classes are designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of dance and its basic movements. Single contemporary classes start at $16 and go up to $24.

  1. Recognize! Studios

Recognize! Studios, which first opened its doors in 2010, provide a creative outlet for dance fans to try out various dance styles at differing stages.

Recognize! teaches urban choreography, street jazz, grooves, waacking, hip-hop, and other open classes are also available. The classes are aimed to teach choreography in a progressive manner to dancers of all levels.

For first-timers, classes cost $10, $13 for members, and $17 for non-members. Basic courses are also available for those wishing to enhance their core steps, skills, and routines. Members can enroll in an eight-week course for $150.

  1. Singapore Dance Theatre

Singapore Dance Theatre is a world-class ballet theatre and studio where you can channel your inner Anna Pavlova. The theatre not only performs stunning ballet productions on a number of stages in Singapore, such as the yearly Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake, but it also offers 90-minute adult ballet classes under the supervision of local and international ballet instructors.

Beginner 1 classes are scheduled in a fixed eight-week term to allow amateur dancers to familiarize themselves with the technicality and basics of classical ballet. No matter where you stand – beginner or advanced – ignite your passion and practice your footwork with six class levels to choose from.

They have made adjustments to their pricing for the year 2022.

Trial classes are still $25, eight classes will be $180, and sixteen classes will be $340.

  1. The Dance Collective

If you are into sensual latino dances, Salsa, Bachata, and West Coast Swing are the dances that The Dance Collective specialises in. They offer a variety of open classes

if you want a relaxed approach to dancing. Each class that you take is customised according to your level. Therefore, you need not have a previous dance experience to attend their studio.

The studio offers $26.50 open lessons. You can also take their Beginner course for $74 that will allow you 3 sessions every week. For better bang for the buck, pay $95 a month and take their unlimited Salsa or Bachata courses, or for $158 per month, you may take both. These courses are suitable if you have completed courses level 1 through 4.

  1. DF Academy, The Dance Family

Sign up for a K-pop dancing lesson with DF Academy to live out your K-pop idol fantasies. It not only provides packages for learning a full song, but it may also provide you with the opportunity to make a dance practice video with your favourite idols. DF Academy also offers a range of dance classes in Singapore, including Street Jazz, Hip Hop, and Street Jazz, if you want to improve your moves or learn a new kind of dance.

Their classes involve teaching students routines over the week and polishing choreography, wearing costumes and finally actually performing on public stage or theatres. The classes are videotaped and shown to the students to polish their movements but also to inspire confidence.

The cost of four lessons is $65 for a total of four classes. They also offer online dance classes.

  1. SLAP Dance Studio

SLAP Dance Studio is Singapore's most well-known lap and pole dance studio. It is the organizer of the prestigious international Asia Pole Championships. SLAP was founded in 2014 by some of Singapore's first pole dancers to create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the pole dance practitioners.

Their pole dance training combines beauty and strength while performing on air. In a fun and safe setting, the studio provides an extensive cardiovascular workout while also improving strength, flexibility, and dance/acro-movement skills.

SLAP Dance Studio provides a variety of dance classes for people of all ability levels, from complete beginners to advanced dancers and competitors. If you're not sure of the level you're on or if it's your first time, SLAP provides trial dance courses so you may try out pole dancing and discover whether it's right for you.

Their 8-week course are priced at $192.60 to $267.50 depending on the type of program you want to learn. Online classes are also available.

  1. STEP Studio

STEP Studio is a small, Singapore-based dance studio dedicated to teaching the art of dancing to all levels. The studio was founded by directors Stephanie Loh and Deo Amarawi. They believe in empowering, encouraging, and guiding each dancer to reach their full potential.

The tutors emphasize both hard skills and internal growth when it comes to developing dancing talents, training adaptability, and cultivating passion and enthusiasm. STEP Studio aims to inspire and establish principles and ideals that will uplift every performer on their journey through their multi-genre open workshops, specifically tailored programs and courses, and yearly recital presentations.

They welcome dancers of all levels and offer instruction in a wide range of genres, including Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Street Jazz, at all levels from beginner to advanced. They are tailored to specific stages in your dancing practice.

An 8-week course for beginners is priced at $136.

  1. Caliente Dance Studio

Caliente Dance Studio is a growing and innovative dance workshop that offers Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba classes that are at par with international standards of teaching. They teach intending to improve fitness, express creativity, increasing confidence, and especially, providing a welcoming environment for everyone and having fun while learning a new passion. Caliente's team wants to inspire students of all types to become excellent social dancers and stage performers.

Caliente provides paired dance classes to teach you how to dance with another person. You would be able to pair up with any dancers anywhere in the world who know Salsa or Bachata after you have mastered them! Caliente also offers Solo Salsa and Bachata dance lessons for all levels of dancers who want to improve their body motion and footwork. This also enhances your general appearance and level of fitness, making it ideal for getting in shape while having fun.

Their prices start from $74.90 valid for 6 weeks and perfect for beginners.

  1. Dancexpression

Dancexpression is a recreational and professional ballroom dance studio based in Singapore and serving the Southeast Asia area. For events, weddings, shows, and private sessions, Dancexpression has instructors and dancers. Dancing lessons, studio rental, dance costumes and shoes are just a few of the services they offer.

Dancexpression's staff is always learning new things to ensure that they are the greatest ballroom dance school in Singapore. They are dedicated to allowing you to express yourself through music to fully enjoy the experience while they refine your dance movement and body coordination.

Dance is a great way to express yourself, get fit, and make new friends. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner or you want to do ballet or impress your friends with salsa and kpop moves, the Dance Classes Singapore studios on this list will help you do all those in such a fun way, you wouldn’t want to miss a class.

If you are thinking of organising online dance classes in Singapore together for your staff as part of your company’s bonding activity as part of your corporate wellness program, feel free to reach out to us at Island Wellness to organize a tailored online dance class program in Singapore, whether you like doing Salsa or K-Pop together.

So put on your dancing shoes and get started!

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