Executive Wellness Is Good For Business 

It's no secret that busy executives experience heightened stress on a daily basis, but studies show that business leaders today believe their jobs to be even more stressful than they were just over 5 years ago. When you factor in increased stress and longer hours, lack of exercise and poor eating habits often come along for the rise. All those elements, in combination, can add up to unhealthy leaders that may face illness and eventual absences from their positions - all of which can impede business stability, growth and success.



Just think about Apple Inc., when rumors' about Steve Jobs health problems first emerged. Even before it became clear that his condition was fatal, mere whispers of his illness shook the waters of consumer confidence, leading to stock and sales volatility. And that's just one example!

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"A company is a living - breathing being, with executives acting as the vital organs that keep it going."


Historical data tells us that an organization's direction and bottom line is largely driven by those at the top. When a company changes C- level executives there can be a ripple effect to the company's stock, but when investors learn of an unexpected illness of an executive, the effects can be rather catastrophic.

Executive Wellness Boosts the Bottom Line


Some of the financial benefits of executive wellness program are immediately obvious. Healthier executives are more present and less burnt-out. This almost translates to increased productivity and positive returns.

Individual Executive Wellness Program can also help top-level leaders hone their strategic their strategic thinking, systems perspective skills, and sharply develop a growth mindset. Leadership-centric wellness programs also enhance interpersonal relationship building (a skill that help leaders better understand and connect with their employees), which in turn helps optimize employee communications, team cohesion and output.


If you're ready to create your best, we have the solution for you: Individual Executive Wellness Program

What individual executive wellness program offers:

  • Comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment, appropriate intervention, on-going monitoring  and management.

  • Support, accountability and guidance

  • Supermarket tour

  • Weekly email or text check-ins

  • Video consults

  • Personal training

  • Meal planning and recipe sharing

  • Practical exercise plans you can do at home

  • Weekly food diary review 

  • 12 weeks of wellness education

What could you achieve in the next 12 weeks?

  • Begin to drop excess weight immediately

  • Increased physical energy levels

  • Sharper mental awareness and mental force

  • Able to tune in well to body's hunger/satiety signals

  • Emotional balance even in turbulent times

  • Improved quality of life

  • Finish the program with the knowledge and tools to be healthy


Are you in it to be a healthier leader? Get in touch with us for a quotation.